Cleansing Grains Sampler Pack

Sola Skincare

  • Want to try Cleansing Grains but aren't sure which one to try?
    Our Sampler Pack is the perfect answer.
    Try them both, and decide which is your favourite!

    You'll get 3 teaspoons each of Calendula & Rose Cleansing Grains and Lavender & Adzuki Cleansing Grains. (A little goes a looooong way).

    Gently cleanse, mildly exfoliate, and retain the balance of moisture in your skin. Cleansing Grains keep your skin glowing and clean.

    Safe for pregnant & nursing mothers.

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  • Pour half a teaspoon of grains in the palm of your hand. Add enough water to make a paste. Gently wash your face using small, circular movements. Don’t forget your neck and chest. Rinse off and pat dry. Gentle enough to use daily.
  • Lavender & Adzuki Cleansing Grains
    Ingredients: Oats*, Adzuki bean* and Lavender*
    *Certified Organic

    Preservative Free / Not tested an animals / Vegan

    Calendula & Rose Cleansing Grains

    Ingredients: Oats*, Goat Milk Powder, Rose*, Calendula*

    *Certified Organic

    Preservative Free / Not tested an animals