"My skin has *never* responded so well to a product!"

September 27, 2018

"Do you have anything for dry skin?" 

"Do you have anything for acne prone skin?"

"I'm looking for a moisturizer for my aging skin."

"I have acne prone skin, will your Balancing Face Oil work for me?" 


The short answer is absolutely, and because we're so passionate about our Balancing Face Oil, we're offering15% off using code HOLYGRAIL

Read on for the more detailed answer... ;)


Formulated using pure, nourishing concentrated botanicals, herbs, plant based ingredients & exquisite essential oils, our Balancing Face Oil has been cherished by our customers for years.

The Chinese herbs infused in premium Sweet Almond Oil are meticulously selected by master herbalist and Dr. of Chinese medicine (and my partner Eran), based on how they brighten skin, soften wrinkles and clear acne prone skin. The herbal infusion promotes healthy blood circulation, is anti-inflammatory and relieves redness, giving your skin that clear, clean glow. 


It's always best to hear from our grateful customers: 

  • "People tell me I look younger than I am"
  • "It cleared up my acne and hydrates my dry areas"
  • "I buy the biggest bottle because my husband steals it!"
  • "I haven't had a single breakout since using this oil!"
  • "My skin has never looked better."
  • "My acne scars have faded tremendously and my skin texture is so much smoother."
  • "The age spot on my face has almost disappeared completely." 


I always suggest you use the Balancing Face Oil & Rose Hydrosol together. The hydrosol aids the absorption of the oil into the skin swiftly (giving you that hydrated glow) and is remarkable on it's own for additional hydration throughout the day. Also works like a charm for hot flashes. 

We want you to experience what our happy customers have been experiencing for years. We created the coupon code HOLYGRAIL for you to use to get 15% off our Balancing Face Oil, or Balancing Face Oil & Rose Hydrosol Combo.

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